Cats and Allsorts

Photos for all you lovers of Birman Cats

I’ve had 3 Birman cats. My first one was a male Bluepoint and lived for nearly 17 years. I wrote an article about him that was published in the UK national magazine,’Your Cat’. A second national magazine, ‘That’s Life’ also bought the story. So I had special memories for Mogs, as I nicknamed him.


My second Birman was a female Sealpoint called Minnie. She would have been 20 years old but died a month before her birthday last year. She was such a beauty!


My third Birman, Poppy, is also a female Sealpoint . She is 11 years old but thinks she is a baby.


The Birman is such an affectionate breed. They can be talkative, especially when they want to know where you have hidden yourself in the house and haven’t fed them but they are nothing like as noisy as Siamese!

They live well with other cats. I know this as I had 2 Birmans and 2 ‘Heinz 57’ cats together at one time! If you are looking for a cat breed I can certainly recommend Birmans.

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