Cats and Allsorts

‘Spooks’ the Stray who stayed 14 years!

I found a kitten in my garden one bitterly cold and foggy November night. As I stepped outside I could hear a faint mewing in the bushes. I didn’t know where she lived and it was freezing so I took her inside, gave her food, water, a warm and cosy bed and a litter tray.

I discovered a few days later that she was local but her owner could no longer keep her. She stayed for the next 14 years until her death. She lived happily with my 3 other cats and was the most worldly-wise cat I have ever known and the only one who would come running from the next door field when she heard my whistle. She was adorable and most affectionate. I have such fond memories of her.

Here’s a photo of her. We called her ‘Spooks’ as she would rush in the room and freeze suddenly as if it really was spooky around her!



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