Extreme Retro Baby Names

The new trend for choosing baby names is ‘Extreme Retro’. It is predicted that names that were popular in the 1950’s will be the biggest trend in ten years time. Names like David and Paul for boys or Carol or Susan for girls are likely to be the most popular.

Mabel and Stanley are making a come-back, whilst people are copying celebrities who are naming their children with the same initial.The singer, Lily Allen has called her children Ethel and Marnie, whilst Bruce Willis has chosen Mabel. I call my Sat Nav Ethel so at least I’m on trend!

Grace and Alfie are also high on the list.

In research, 12% of parents have admitted that they regretted the choice of names they gave their children. 5% of children have hated their names so much they have asked to change them!

Gone are the dull and boring names and in their place are Blue, Scarlett for girls or strong sounding names like Diesel for boys.

Parents are influenced by celebrities, books or the television and are also liking double-barrel names such as Taylor-Rose or Georgia-May.

Some of the most unusual names in the UK are Laarn, Ocean or Clavier for boys or Stargazer or Zuanna for girls.

As a retired teacher I would find my job extremely difficult, trying to remember a class of 30 unusual names – and, of course, I would have to know how to spell them correctly!

Incidentally, I’ve had real problems with the name my parents gave me, Terrie. Most people are unable to spell it and I invariably get lumbered with the boy’s spelling. C’est la vie!

Do you have an unusual name and do you feel blessed with it or hindered by it? Do tell!


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