Bio: I'm a retired Secondary School teacher and was Head of Department of Physical Education in a Sports College and latterly Head of Department of Personal and Social Education. I taught Marketing and Customer Service to 6th form students and had a hectic teaching career. Since retirement I completed a Writer's Bureau Creative Writing Course which covered everything from magazine letters to novels. I loved every minute of it. I write on several sites, have had a selection of articles in National Magazines and two short stories on Kindle. Drop in on the following links to see my work:- http://www.infobarrel.com/signup.php?ref_id=75055 On infobarrel I have a variety of articles ranging from travel, food and drink, cats, retirement advice, golf and much more. On the following site, Webanswers, I've received plenty of clicks every day and I am continuing to make cash out of answering questions. This is my most successful site so far. http://www.webanswers.com/_r88gpe9gx I can also recommend Bubblews. It is also a great site for earning cash. Go to http://www.bubblews.com?referral=515afe538f43e4.86682309 Redgage is a great link, too. I use it mainly to display my photos. http://www.redgage.com/?refby=TerrieTez When I'm not writing I spend my time playing golf, entertaining my Birman cat and traveling. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile.

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